4 FREE Actions Set

Thanks for ‘LIKE’ing us!  These actions are for Photoshop CS3-5, and Elements 6-10- you’ll find them in the appropriate folders.   I hope you find these actions useful.
Due to the high volume of downloads and the fact that they’re umm free….We do not offer support for the FREE downloads.  :)  I hope you understand.
If you need help try our FAQ page.


The CS3-5/Elements actions included are:

1) Clean Sepia/True Sepia-  Just as it says, a really nice, clean Sepia.

2) Crack Boom Pow/Wowza- Sharpens, Adds some dramatic contrast curves, then warms it up a little.

3) Dodge it Burn it/Lighten it Darken it-  This is a simple but powerful tool, dodging and burning done right.  You might find yourself using this alot!
4) Morning Fog/Snow Flake- at around 50% layer opacity, this action gives a nice cool fog of a wash.

You can get access to the download by entering your email address below and pressing submit, then a button will appear in the same box, which by pressing will initiate the download.  (if download doesn’t appear immediately, try refreshing the page-also I recommend using Chrome or Firefox as a browser.)

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Please play around with these a bit and let me know what you think!  If you like them feel free to tell all your friends(wink)
Also, if you need help with installation or instructions on how to use actions, go to http://yellowskyactions.com/faq/
if you still have questions, feel free to email me at yellowskyactions@gmail.com


Have a great day,
Aron Wright
Yellow Sky Actions LLC


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